What is the Way to a Zambian’s Heart?

Lingo Lunch

Nshima. That is the way into a Zambian’s heart. The staplefood of all Zambians. Nshima in the Chichewa language basically means cornmeal grown from maize flour and is known locally as mealie-meal. Zambians cannot live without it. In fact, any meal that does not contain nshima is considered to be a mere snack. Personally, I sometimes think that about meat.

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This is pretty much how we feel.

My body might not look this bad but my ego sure does.

It all started when my ego, brain, mind, heart and body were to take a short evening bus ride from town home after a great day.

Seated next to the conductor my body was first to pay the fare.

Shortly after we received a phone-call from a false friend querying for false facts for even more false implications.

We humored him.

We soon turned into the road that was to lead me home.

And he asked us for the fare.

I heard my mouth tell him that I had already paid, but HIS mouth kept saying things that made no sense.

Then POW! right on the kisser. ( OK it was on the right cheek, i’ve always wanted to say POW right on the kisser.)

…..realized we’d been hit!

Three things could…

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Letter to my future self

I never understood why, at some point, was it last two years or so ago, the net was atwitter with people writing letters to their younger selves.

Perhaps it was http://www.plinky.com

Or maybe it was Oprah

Even Jim Wendler the bodybuilder had a go. 

Or perhaps the most venerable Stephen Fry. 

Bloggers  Charlotte Hill and  Shonali wrote to themselves  as well.

We had our own @Mwirigi  , @buggz79 and even TerryAnne Chebet, inspired by loss.

Whomever tipped over the dominoes, I prefer the tact and sheer nerve of Fry, The Younger (Then aged 16) to his future self.

Whilst being comforting by writing to the self that once was, thence accepting the ill choices one made and lauding oneself for the great ones,  the letter to the future self offers the option of future reflection, of new choice, of firm decision and of chosen paths.

A letter to a future self is a yardstick,  cakecrumbs leading forward into the sweet delights of the Gingerbread House that is ones future.

I will write a letter to my future self, and post it here for all to see, but more so for me, and what I would be.

If you feel ready to do so… here’s a little guide:


Future Me lets you write yourself an email into a specified date in your future.



Love it? Try it.





Boston City Flow


We are built for action. We are built for action. every time I say it it feels silly even saying it, but we are built for action. We are built for action because we are placed between three, the future, the present and the past.

I have showcased different productivity and GTD tools on this site. As said before,for action and reaction to be effected in our lives,  simplicity is key, read John Maeda’s The Laws of Simplicity. I simplify my broad categories to the three, Future, Present, Past. The present, or now, is, in my view, interchangeable with action.

  1. This category holds anything undone. Ideas, plans,concepts,meetings,dates,you name it, thy fall under subcategories within the future category.
  2. This holds everything that needs getting done now. The present encapsulates the imaginary constant we call NOW. Now does not exist. We are built for action, for we are constantly hurtling into…

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I was inspired to write this post on gamification of GTD (Getting Things Done) after reading this Blog post by a certain Ikaruga on the possible design of GTD tools around game theory.

This post was written I believe, quite a while before everyone was talking about enterprise gamification and the writer lays out the principles around which gamification of GTD would be optimal, being:

  1. GTD needs a compelling story
  2. GTD Needs clearly defined and easy to understand rules and objectives.
  3. GTD Needs unnecessary obstacles (it needs to be fun)

The writer was way ahead of the curve, the idea of gamification of GTD and now the term GAMIFICATION is now THE subject of discussion in enterprise productivity and not just personal productivity. 

Of course market leaders like Microsoft and IBM have for a while been toying internally with workforce gamification for a while now.

For example, Ross Smith, then…

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This article is a stub.
Please submit comments to add value to the content. It is an expression of a moments frustration with social media.
I am publishing it all the same..

There is too much noise out there on the web.

People shouting so much I can hear them as I sleep.

Internet Apathetic groups are growing.

SSO advocates are on the rise. This crap of signing into the different portals is so tiring, coupled with the constant feeling of not being up to date?

Some are bound to switch off until all are subjected to OpenID or another SSO solution.

I might just join this crusade.

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Remember my post about smartphones vs dumbphones?


Well. My need for twitter led me to find a way to tweet on my dear 2,000 kenya shilling alcatel OT 305. (Why these phones are called OT i do not know, as no Otieno would be caught dead with one.)


With reference to the smartphones vs dumbphones post, I am getting smartphone cravings. Especially at this time when the Ideos phone is all the rage.

The solution is Safaricom’s Tweet to Text, (or is it text to tweet.)

Niko Na Safaricom ( I am with Safaricom ) so the experience here describes the process from a Safaricom point of view. However, if you are on airtel, text +40404

The system uses USSD, an SMS push-pull system, where you query twitter with keywords and in this case, are charged at standard SMS rates.

  1. STEP ONE: Send an SMS with the…

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The numbers do not lie.

The basic strategy utilised by most social media companies is building up users at any cost.

Because once you have the numbers, you can convince any corporation, investor, angel fund, IPO, whoever..to place their bet with you.

This, apart from superior functionality, I believe, is one of the primary reasons Twitter went with Tweetdeck.



Now,talk about interesting release timing.

Whilst the ink dries on the agreement between Twitter and Tweetdeck, twitter gaining one of the worlds most popular social media aggregation desktop application, the chaps over at UberMedia, who have been rumoured at having a thing for and hitting on TweetDeck in her maiden years, launched an Ashton Kutcher branded Twitter application, A.Plus.

As more and more people and entities hear about and join twitter, it becomes more and more about a numbers game. Twitter is, nowadays, less and less about geeks representing…

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