The Truth about Piracy is that no one is getting hurt. That’s it.

Current stats via IDC posit that 70 percent of software in East Africa is pirated.

This is then computed into millions of dollars worth of losses.

I disagree. Piracy has greater advantages than losses.



Particularly in the mass market and user application layer, piracy is to mindshare what marketing and advertising used to be.

In a prior article herein, Think Big Vs Think Small, ID games came on to the scene and revolutionized the process of software distribution. They gave out their game, DOOM, for free.

ID were, at this time, already a well known company, with established gaming competence and notoriety through their earlier release, Castle Wolfenstein.

With DOOM, however, they decided to get mindshare and have the whole world know what they are and are about by dishing out DOOM FOR…

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In my engagements with prospects and clients, the following are some of the concerns that I have found:

· Local mail server replication:

One of the aspects we have heard them asking for the most is local replication on regional servers so that uptime is maintained regardless of downtime in the international link. This is one of the factors some schools are opting to go on Google Apps for Education, as they offer a level of replication through the Google cache servers in the regional ISP’s.


· ILM (Identity Lifecycle Management):

The ILM 2007 is not being offered by some regional Microsoft Distributors, as the solution being preferred is Forefront, for Identity Management, which is not compatible with the Live @ Edu environment. In an environment that has not upgraded to 2010, this becomes a bit tricky. Also, the 32 bit 64 bit differences in…

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Angry Birds.

Gotta love those Angry Birds.

Our kids love those Angry birds.

Gamification of education is meant to fill the gap between current education systems and the present world of multimedia in which children lives. It is a method which encompasses both digital and real world methodologies to educate in a game format.

Wise scholars have talked in depth on the gamification of education.

One of the best explanations of this concept is done by Gabe Zichermann in the following TED video.


I think the folks at Angry birds have some lessons to share with the edu fraternity on the implementation of gamification.

  1. Simplicity– Angry birds is so simple to play, even a three year old just needs to look at it once to know what to do.
  2. Levels- in each stage there are three levels of completion, and if one does not do so well, it…

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She caught me off guard.

“ Guess what, my mom has begun producing soap for sale and I am thinking I could also do it in my spare time, what do you think?”

“Have you watched Fight Club?” I chided.

This was a social cocktail party, but I dove in on auto mode.

What will separate what you do from any other hawker?

What will be your market differentiator?

Even if you are doing it as a mere side hustle, you need to visualize your goals before you get into it, I rambled.

Look, get a piece of paper and write down GOSPA. Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Priorities and Action items. Doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Just specific. And if you do not want to do it top down from ten year goals, you can start with your daily action items and project them onwards into long…

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Trillian vs Digsby is as simple as asking PC or Mac.

When you look at it, PC users are in institutions, corporations, in the office. On the other hand, Mac users are predominantly in the arts and social sciences;journalists,DJ’s, musicians, NGO folks.

Trillian by Cerulean Studios  and Digsby by Dotsyntaxare both desktop instant messaging chat application aggregators.

They let you access most of the popular instant messaging services like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat in one place. However there are some clear differences in how the solution is presented.



Trillian is clean and polished, it is the kind of interface you can work with in an office environment that accepts social media. Its logo is a Chrome squirly, lope-sided figure 8 with blue dot in the voids. ( Blue as you may know, is the colour of social

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  • Another tram in the airport. this seems to be pretty standard.
  • these walkscalators and escalators…but for the distances, they’re necessary.
  • So dark and dreary and gloomy. No wonder suicide rates are so high these sides.
  • I’m told the dreariness is because it is winter, dead trees, dead hearts.
  • Media overflow. Actually, everything overflow. spoilt for choice till choice is spoilt- one  can’t choose nothing
  • Seven remote controls on the table. sululu.
  • There is no yearning for congregation with masses, silos everywhere coz of the overflow of what to do until there is nothing to do. Nothing matters much as everything is trying to matter.
  • Consume consume consume!
  • Credit credit credit.
  • Bought a wallet with a money clip, makes total sense. It wont make sense in Kenya.
  • There is no complete product in America, everything has add-ons! Buy something cheap, told it needs three more add-ons.
  • Bought chips (crisps) and was…

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