Letter to my future self

I never understood why, at some point, was it last two years or so ago, the net was atwitter with people writing letters to their younger selves.

Perhaps it was http://www.plinky.com

Or maybe it was Oprah

Even Jim Wendler the bodybuilder had a go. 

Or perhaps the most venerable Stephen Fry. 

Bloggers  Charlotte Hill and  Shonali wrote to themselves  as well.

We had our own @Mwirigi  , @buggz79 and even TerryAnne Chebet, inspired by loss.

Whomever tipped over the dominoes, I prefer the tact and sheer nerve of Fry, The Younger (Then aged 16) to his future self.

Whilst being comforting by writing to the self that once was, thence accepting the ill choices one made and lauding oneself for the great ones,  the letter to the future self offers the option of future reflection, of new choice, of firm decision and of chosen paths.

A letter to a future self is a yardstick,  cakecrumbs leading forward into the sweet delights of the Gingerbread House that is ones future.

I will write a letter to my future self, and post it here for all to see, but more so for me, and what I would be.

If you feel ready to do so… here’s a little guide:


Future Me lets you write yourself an email into a specified date in your future.



Love it? Try it.