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The Truth about Piracy is that no one is getting hurt. That’s it.

Current stats via IDC posit that 70 percent of software in East Africa is pirated.

This is then computed into millions of dollars worth of losses.

I disagree. Piracy has greater advantages than losses.



Particularly in the mass market and user application layer, piracy is to mindshare what marketing and advertising used to be.

In a prior article herein, Think Big Vs Think Small, ID games came on to the scene and revolutionized the process of software distribution. They gave out their game, DOOM, for free.

ID were, at this time, already a well known company, with established gaming competence and notoriety through their earlier release, Castle Wolfenstein.

With DOOM, however, they decided to get mindshare and have the whole world know what they are and are about by dishing out DOOM FOR…

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