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Trillian vs Digsby is as simple as asking PC or Mac.

When you look at it, PC users are in institutions, corporations, in the office. On the other hand, Mac users are predominantly in the arts and social sciences;journalists,DJ’s, musicians, NGO folks.

Trillian by Cerulean Studios  and Digsby by Dotsyntaxare both desktop instant messaging chat application aggregators.

They let you access most of the popular instant messaging services like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat in one place. However there are some clear differences in how the solution is presented.



Trillian is clean and polished, it is the kind of interface you can work with in an office environment that accepts social media. Its logo is a Chrome squirly, lope-sided figure 8 with blue dot in the voids. ( Blue as you may know, is the colour of social

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